What Is Involved In A Home Inspection?

Homes Cannot Pass or Fail a Boardman Area Home Inspection
A home cannot fail or pass an inspection. A professional home inspection gives you an independent, unbiased view of any problems and their solutions, so that you will have all the facts you need to make a sound, informed decision.

Depending on the size and condition of the home, a thorough home inspection will take no more than four hours, usually between two and three hours. Ideally, you will accompany me during the inspection, so that you will have visual reinforcement of your written report.

We take our inspection reports seriously. Every inspection is a complete and thorough analysis of all the major systems and components in the home. The report includes a clear description of what was found with any issues noted and digital pictures are taken, so you can easily identify them.  The computer generated reports are typically delivered within 24 hours via email after the physical inspection. Hard copies are available upon request.

We Follow The SOP For The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Click Here To View The Home Inspection Standards Of Practice.

A thorough home inspection will include the following:

Canfield Ohio Roof Inspection - Moss Covered Roof

ROOFING - We will walk every roof if possible.  In  some instances roofs cannot be walked for safety reasons (ie: steepness, weather, poor roof materials) The following items are checked: shingles, flashings, chimneys, vents, trim and gutters, drip edges, skylights, downspouts, and other visible roof related items.

Poland Ohio Attic Inspection - Insulation Levels

Attics - We will inspect the attic fully as long as there is adequate room to enter the access hatch.  We will inspect the insulation, ventilation, rafters, joists and collar ties, trusses, wiring attachments, and other visible related items.

Austintown Plumbing Inspection - Water Pressure Check - Over 80psi Too High

Plumbing and Fixtures - We test water pressure, water distribution systems, hose bibs, sinks and faucets, bath/showers and toilets, water heaters, sanitary system, and other visble plumbing system components.

Niles Ohio Interior Home Inspection - Stains On Wall Tested Positive for Active Moisture

Interior - On the inside we will inspect doors, windows, floors and ceilings, walls, stairs (if applicable) and banisters, finishes, sinks, cabinets, shelving, built-in appliances, smoke detectors and safety-related items, and other visible interior-related components.

Heating Inspection During A Newton Falls Home Inspection - Access Panel Blocked by Improperly Run Duct

Heating and Cooling Systems - We will test the furnace, inspect air cleaning parts, visible ductwork, electronic monoxide testing, electric gas sniffer testing, air conditioner and lines, and other visible related HVAC components.

Electrical View  During  A Hubbard Home Inspection - Main Panel, too many issues to list, Call a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Electrical Systems Testing -  We will check the service entry for safe clearances, service panel for safety concerns, test switches and outlets, visible wiring and junction boxes, locate grounding systems, and other related electrical components.

Foundation Inspection - Movement & Major Cracks

Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Foundation - We will enter and inspect crawlspaces as long as there is adequate access and the area is safe. We will inspect the insulation, ventilation, posts, vapor barriers, utility attachment, structural items, floors and walls, and columns.

Exterior Inspection - Bubbled Siding

Exterior - On the outside, we inspect siding materials, attachments, windows, doors, sashes and lintels, vents, entryways, and other visible exterior related components.

To schedule your home inspection call 330-259-1230. Before you call, you're encouraged to check out a sample of our home inspection report to see a finished product (click here). For pricing, please give us a a call at 330-259-1230 and talk to one of our friendly office staff. Office hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm and Sat 10am to 3pm. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to be inspecting your next home soon.

I follow the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice on each inspection. To view these standards click here.

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